Şub 2017
BLG 553E Special Topics in Computer Engineering Dersi

Oca 27, 2016

BLG 553E Special Topics in Computer Engineering: Digital Solutions for Smart Cities

 Prof. Dr. Sema F. Oktuğ, Asst. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yaslan

Course Outline

  • Introduction (Week 1-2): A Walk Through the Smart City: Examples of How the City is Being Automated and Instrumented. A Very Quick History of the Development of Wireless, TV, Computers, the Internet and Real Time Control in the City  
  • Invited Talk (Week 3) 
  • Smart Traffic Management (Week 4) 
  • Invited Talk (Week 5) - Project Proposal Deadline (Week 5)
  • Smart Waste Management (Week 6)
  • Smart Water Management (Week 7) 
  • Other Issues to deal smartly (Week 8) 
  • Participatory approach for solutions: Crowd-Sourcing, City Dash Boards, Social Media Integration, Emergency Response and Location-Based Services (Week 9)
  • Current Situation at Turkish Municipalities regarding smart city applications, The report of Turkish Informatics Foundation. What’s happening at the other sides of the world? Barcelona Municipality, Santander Municipality (Week 10)
  • Data for Smart Cities. Data Mining applications for smart cities (Week 11)
  • Platforms for Smart Cities (Week 12)
  • Project Discussions (Week 13-14)


  • 2 Paper evaluation and presentations (2x15% grade)
  • 1 Group project. (2 people) (20% term work. 25% final work including poster, presentation and report)
  • Final (25%)
  • 70% Attendance is compulsory

  Reading Materials:
  • The New Science of Cities, Michael Batty, MIT Press, Nov. 2013
  • Papers will be assigned by the instructors.