Oct 2018
The accomplishment of Elif Ak, PhD. student at Computer Engineering Department

Elif Ak, who is PhD. student at Computer Engineering Department has won the first place in the contest organized by TÜBİTAK ("2241 Private Sector Oriented Undergraduate Thesis Competition, İstanbul Regional Exhibition") with her undergraduate thesis advised by Assoc. Dr. Berk Canberk. In addition, the project developed by Elif Ak has been industrialized with the contributions of Medianove Cloud Computing Company.  The details of the project are as follows.

Project Title: "Workload Automation Engine (WAE) for CDN-specialized Container Orchestration"

Brief Summary: "In this study, network roles are virtualized for the Content Delivery Network (CDN), a cloud computing technology. Also, the management and decision mechanism that decides the distribution of the virtual network functions is modeled. It is aimed to decrease delay time and to increase the efficiency of use of resources by the developed dynamic CDN structure.

Congratulations to our PhD. student Elif Ak and her advisor Assoc. Dr. Berk Canberk for the accomplishment.